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Why every business needs a website

A business’s online presence can make a deep impact on its success, regardless of the industry. Nowadays, some businesses still do not realize that most of their customers will visit their website before making a purchase.

A solid online presence, especially a website, can determine not only the reach, but also the income the business obtains. Yes, the quality of your website impacts results, but this article stresses the importance of having a website, and a good one at that.

Integrity & Accountability

One of the main reasons, if not the most important reason, to have a website for your business is to uphold your businesses name, and show that you have integrity and honor in what your business stands for. Let us be real, there is allot of business that is in the same industry as you, all doing the same thing. The best way you can make your business stand out is by having a excellent website, which stands out between your competitors. Your website should communicate the purpose of your company clearly to your audience

Not having a website, or even having a poor website would make your audience sceptical about the legitimacy of your business. To have a good website makes a great first impression on new customers and gives the audience a level of comfort that your services are nothing but the best, which already creates a good relationship with you and the customer.

Clear Branding

Clearly highlighting your brand to your audience is extremely important. This lets your customers know that you are a business that means business. By making your brand or service more clear, you show a high level of confidence in the work your business does.

This is something that really elevates you from your competitors. With a great website this mission is made much easier, because people can clearly see your brand, your most important information all with one simple click, or one effortless scroll.

Lead Generation

The second people find out your online, they become interested in your product or service and are itching to know more about your business. Thanks to a good about-us and contact-us page, they will know how to contact you, not to mention fishing in new customers with special newsletters or discount codes. Although websites come with a cost, they have a high ROI in terms of a new clientele base.

Organic Traffic

Once your website is up and running with some good SEO-optimization, you will start showing up on Google’s top pages. Ultimately, this means that when people are searching for a product or service in your expertise, your business’ name will pop up, leading to a world of new customers, and new business opportunities.

Time Saving & Better (Easier) Customer Service

Almost every business receives calls from potential or existing customers, and not every call is able to be answered. Some questions are easy to answer, like closing times and store locations, where as other are not so easy, like the refund and return policy. Continues calls also distract staff and reduce productivity. A website takes the pain of these issues away with one click. With one click a contact form can be submitted, a location can be given and a policy can be read, all on your website. It is more convenient for both staff and customers as it is quick and easy, which leads to a better experience for everyone.

Updates & Announcements

With a website that is live 24/7, it is not only easy but also more convenient to send updates to your customers like newsletters or specials. It is an effortless way to keep them updated on what is happening with your business. If the updates are relevant to them there’s a high chance of you being able to up-sell them.

Digital Marketing

If you plan on using digital marketing to your advantage to generate more lead and/or grow your customer base, you’ll most likely want to send people to a specific web page or landing page (one page website). To do this effectively, leverage regular traffic that has been going to your website so you can target the most qualified and well-known customers to get the best ROI on your ad spend. Take note that this is not a quick process, which is why you should get your website up and running as soon as possible, as ads take time.

Websites have done incredible things for businesses, and it’s just getting better as we grow more into the digital age. We strongly recommend you take your business online with a great website. Since you read through BluePea’s blog, why not build a website through BluePea?


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