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What is SEO and how can it help your business grow?

Charlene Moutinho

By Charlene Moutinho

Let us look at a few important points we need to cover to answer these very important questions on how SEO will help your business grow:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Why does my business need it?
  3. What are the benefits of having an SEO strategy in place for my business?
  4. How long will it take to see results from doing this, and what should I be looking for?
  5. Tips on maintaining a successful SEO campaign after getting started with one.
  6. The pros and cons of outsourcing your SEO needs vs hiring someone internally at your company.
  7. The SEO Strategy Guide
  8. Where to start?

We all have the same goal – to get new customers, sell like crazy and make money! However, for that to happen, we need people to see our ads. We need qualified searchers with intent. The question is, how do we get more of those? No matter what industry you work in, whether it be retail or service, the need to sell is ever-present. You might have a great product or an excellent offer, but if people do not know about it, you will never see any return on your investment.

What if I told you that there is a simple way to increase sales, attract new customers, and generate buzz all at the same time? You do not need expensive advertising campaigns or even outlandishly priced products to do it. All you need is an internet connection and a little bit of creativity. It is time to stop waiting for the phone to ring and start promoting your business online. Sell like crazy by increasing visibility and attracting qualified searchers!

This article will teach you a few ways how you can increase visibility and attract qualified searchers by using Google AdWords In-Market Segments. Do you want to get traffic that is more qualified for your business website? Then it is time that you start focusing on SEO, the most effective way of driving targeted visitors to your site.

SEO can be difficult, but this article will help make things a little easier for you!

Let’s start at the beginning.

“The vast majority of online experiences begin with a search engine, and nearly 75% of searchers start their searches on Google.”

1.   What is SEO?

In short, SEO is the process of getting traffic from search engines like Google and Bing by optimizing a website for those searches. It is not just about keywords but also about making sure that people can find what they are looking for on your site quickly and easily. At the end of the day, SEO will help you increase your organic traffic, and that will, in turn, reduce the amount of money your business needs to spend on paid ads.

Website SEO Audit


SEO is the best way to grow your business. It’s a strategy that can help you rank higher in search engines LIKE Google, Yahoo or Bing, which will generate more traffic and ultimately lead to more sales. However, it takes time and effort. SEO is a way for your website to show up higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). It can help you rank higher and get more traffic from people who are looking for the product or service that you offer. That means that more qualified leads will be coming through your door. The future of search engines is changing and evolving. Google rewards sites with high rankings if they have a mobile-responsive site, quality links and rich content to offer searchers. Google added mobile responsiveness into the ranking criteria while promoting long articles and info-rich pages so that readers will be satisfied in their search.

3.   What are the benefits of having an SEO strategy in place for my business?

I know I am not the only one who struggles with finding content to write for their blog or website. It can be really challenging, especially when you are working on a tight schedule and do not have much of an idea of what your target audience might like. Do not worry! A few tips will help improve your site’s Google ranking (SEO).

For search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to rank a page higher on their results pages, you need two things:

  1. Keywords that make sense for what is being searched (i.e., “buy skinny jeans”) and
  2. Appropriate usage of HTML tags such as alt text, which gives an alternate image if one cannot be loaded or provides accessibility information when using screen readers (i.e., title tag).

Getting this right can increase traffic from targeted sources dramatically! Additionally, adding mobile content ensures any visitor with access via a mobile phone will have all they want at their fingertips without having to visit another site – it’s just convenient!

4.   How long will it take to see results from doing this, and what should I be looking for?

Getting SEO right takes a long time. This is not a sprint, and one would typically start seeing results after a month and significant results after about 6 months. SEO is an ongoing process that you need to work on weekly. From writing new content to doing continual keyword research and much more.


5.   Tips on how to maintain a successful SEO campaign after getting started with it

It is so exciting to get started with a new SEO campaign. It will be successful, but the progress is slow, and the change in rankings or traffic from Google’s algorithm update takes time. However, as long as you maintain your efforts on-site optimisation and strategy implementation for better visibility organically without breaking any rules of webmaster guidelines, chances are that things will turn around soon enough!

The SEO campaign is a never-ending process of trial and error. There are no one-size fits all formula for success in this industry like you might find in other sectors; but if these tips help point you toward better performance, it could make all the difference:

  • It is important to not only have an eye out for changes made by Google but,
  • Also, be aware of competitor strategies so as not to be stuck playing catch-up when they are doing something better than you are.
  • For this reason, it is recommendable that during each period between updates from Google, businesses should conduct regular competitor analysis, including monitoring industry news sites like Search Engine Watch.
  • Be diligent about monitoring analytics data so as not to miss any changes or trends on essential metrics such as rankings.
  • This includes organic search results (Google), paid ads through Google AdWords, social media posts by potential clients and others who post links back to your content using hashtags (#).
  • Additionally, monitoring competitor activity can keep you one step ahead.

6.   The pros and cons of outsourcing your SEO needs vs hiring someone internally

The benefits of outsourcing SEO needs for businesses are clear. As this is a highly specialized field of study, you need someone that has the experience and expertise that can provide high-quality service at an affordable price while freeing up your employees from having to worry about it on top of their duties.

A specialist also offers customized packages based on what you need–giving them more time with less stress so when they do work with clients, there is no question or risk as everything will be perfect!

The cons? Well…none really, but if we had to find one thing wrong (which would only apply if you are going into a new business), then it may be a pricy exercise.

However, the results should outweigh the cost by far.

7.   The SEO Strategy Guide

We have partnered with ClickMinded, who produces world-class online courses and SOPs. They recently created and published a comprehensive SEO guide:  Using this guide, we can massively increase traffic and sales from search engines to any website.

8.   Where to start?

Before we know what needs to be improved, we need to do a detailed Website SEO Audit. Search Engines rely on many factors to rank a website. We check your Website for these and more to help identify problems that could be holding your site back from reaching its potential. Additionally, we provide a clear, actionable, prioritised list of recommendations to help you improve your website ranking.


In short, SEO is a marketing strategy that helps businesses rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). To put it more plainly, companies invest time and money into making their websites better for search engines to crawl. Doing so ensures the company’s site appears at the best possible spot on SERPs when your target customers are looking for products or services like yours.

If you want to learn how we can help with SEO needs, let us know!

We will be happy to collaborate with you and create a fantastic SEO campaign that utilises cognitive neuroscience principles while also being cost-effective.


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