Blue Pea Country Market

@ Rietvlei Zoo Farm
101 Swartkoppies Rd, Mulbarton

072 019 9601

We are open every Saturday from 08:00 - 13:00

Our Stall Holders

At the Blue Pea Country Market our Stall Holders bring you a wide variety of products and fresh produce every Saturday. Do your weekly grocery shopping and fill your larder with our Stall holders’ fresh produce like fruits & vegetables. Delight your family with bespoke and unique artisan gifts, or just treat yourself to a new piece of jewellery or art at exceptionally good value. Satisfy your appetite with our delicious ready to eat food and drink offerings. In advance of your visit to the market you can browse our Stall Holder directory and plan your purchases.

Stall Holder Application Form

Blue Pea Country Market
Terms & Conditions:

Please take note of the following information:

  • We would like to maintain a very high standard and therefor we ask that you send only 2 pictures of your stall setup with products to Charlene at 072 019 9601 for approval.
  • We are a child- and pet friendly market.
  • We also make space available for local companies who would like to exhibit or promote their products and/or service.
  • Only one of the categories will be allowed per stall. (In other words you cannot mix arts & crafts with food for instance.)
  • Blue Pea Country Market reserves the right to place a moratorium on certain products from time to time.
  • We try not to duplicate products too much, so we will ensure that there aren’t too many of the same products or stalls at the market on the same day.
  • Please note that we work on a first come first serve basis. Your proof of payment confirms your booking for the week.
  • People who pay for the month in advance have the advantage of choosing their permanent spot for the month from the available stalls. The rest will be placed where we have open space.
  • Our trading hours will be from 08:00 – 13:00 every Saturday. Please do not start packing up before the time.
  • You can start setting up from 06:30, please make sure you are ready by 08:00 when the market opens. I will be at the market from 07:00 every Saturday.
  • Please bring your own display, tables, chairs and gazebo for your stall and make sure to maintain a very high standard.
  • We do have limited tables available to rent for the day at R50 a table. First come first serve.
  • The size of the stalls are 3 x 3m each.
  • Please also ensure that you leave your stand clean and neat as you found it.
  • No sharing of stalls will be allowed.
  • No stalls will be allowed to move without the permission of the market manager.
  • Only products that you registered for, may be sold. Please discuss any changes with the market manager before the time. Choose your main product and let me know what that is, as that is the one I will keep in mind not to duplicate too much.
  • You must comply with the legal requirements regarding your product at your stall, eg. if you cook with gas the necessary firefighting equipment have to be present at your stall.
  • Please report all problems to the market manager, Charlene Moutinho 072 019 9601.
  • No vehicles will be allowed on the market grounds between 08:00 and 13:00.
  • No vehicles will be allowed to park on the market grounds, please park in the parking area after you have unloaded.
  • All stall holders will be added to the database and WhatsApp group.
  • Every Monday morning I will ask who will be at the market the following Saturday. Please let me know on a Monday if you will attend so that I do not allow someone else to sell the same products as you. Every Friday afternoon I will post the Market lay-out for Saturday on WhatsApp so you will know where to set up.
  • Please note that the WhatsApp group is for admin purposes ONLY. Please do not post other unrelated messages on the group?
  • The market manager reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the market as she sees fit in order to improve the market as it grows.
  • The stall fees will increase on the 1st of November of each year.
  • Electricity is limited and is an extra R50 on top of the stall fees.
  • We are not able to control the weather and therefore cannot be held responsible if it should interfere with trade. The rent paid will not be refunded if it rains. (In two years we have only rained out once.)
  • Weekly Stall rentals: R170 each per week.
  • Monthly Stall Rentals: R150 (x weeks per month, paid monthly in advance. Non-transferable).
  • Electricity R50 extra.
  • Table rentals R50 ea.
  • Proof of payment must be sent by Thursday morning at 11am to
Banking Details:
Cre8ive Trading
FNB – Branch 250655
Cheque Acc #: – 62732541059

Please fill in the form to your right to apply for a stall?70

Our Stallholder Directory 

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