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Well-optimized sites get more and more traffic over time, and that means more leads and sales. Appearing in the top 10 results of Google Search is very important. That’s because 95% of people never make it past the first page. This is how important SEO is. On any given day, people conduct more than 2.2 million searches. And that’s just on Google — to say nothing of the other search engines. Will they find your website?

How well does your Website Rank on Google Search?

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How to rank on Google's Search Engine

A good SEO score or SEO ranking means that your website will be featured in the top 10 results of Google’s search when a potential customer searches for the products or services you offer in their geographical area. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

According to OptinMonster.com these are the 10 most Crucial SEO Ranking Factors you need to know, and we can help you achieve just that.

SSL Certificate

Google won't rank a website without a valid SSL Certificate, putting the user's security front and centre.

Page Speed

Google looks at your website's page speed on desktop and mobile devices to give the customer a great experience.

Mobile Friendliness

More than 60% of all Google searches are now done via mobile devices. Therefore it is of utmost importance that your website is mobile friendly.

Domain Age, URL, and Authority

Did you know that nearly 60% of the sites that have a top ten Google search ranking are three years old or more?

Optimized Content

Google’s search algorithm relies on keywords. These are the words and phrases searchers use when they’re looking for information.

Technical SEO

On-page SEO includes setting up your SEO titles and meta descriptions with dynamic fields like current year, month, custom fields, author info, and more.

User Experience

If people land on your site, don’t like it, and bounce away, then Google will think it’s not relevant to their needs. If enough people do this, then you might find it more difficult for your site to rank higher in search results.


The web is built on links. So, naturally, links are a crucial SEO ranking signal. Google looks at inbound links, outbound links and internal links.

Social Signals

When people share your content on social networks, that’s another sign that it’s valuable. There’s no denying that the highest-ranking pages in Google's search results usually have a lot of shares.

Real Business Information

The presence or absence of business information is one of the most crucial local SEO ranking factors.

On-Page SEO

Neil Patel from Ubersuggest says in his blog, SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide that there are three big categories of on-page SEO that you’ll need to take a look at. The first and most important is content.


A Google search engine customer is happy when he finds the result that serves his needs in the best way. Google always tries to give you the best experience possible by directing you to the greatest content it can find. This means that your number one job to do well with SEO is to produce great content.


Keywords dictate what each piece of content is about. It dictates what you call your site or how you describe your brand online. Keywords even dictate how you build links, including everything from the tactics you choose to how you plan on implementing them. Doing your keyword research up-front is a crucial part of great content. Since you ideally want to include your targeted keyword in your post’s headline and throughout the article, you need to choose your keyword before you start writing.


A good website architecture leads to a great experience for the user when he or she navigates your page. It focuses on things like fast loading times, a safe connection, and a mobile-friendly design. You need to optimize a few things for a great “search engine experience.” The more accessible your website is to Google, the better it will rank.

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