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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Charlene Moutinho

By Charlene Moutinho

Our SEO Strategy includes the following services:

  • Strategic marketing planning and research;
  • Advanced SEO including:
    • Keyword usage;
    • Google Snippets for each web page;
    • SEO meta descriptions;
    • Content length and keyword density;
    • Internal and external backlinks;
    • Create emotional sentiment in content;
    • Use of power words;
  • Use of videos and/or good quality images supplied by the client or custom-created by our Graphic Designer (cost excluded)
  • Monthly technical optimization;
  • Weekly content creation for content marketing strategy;
  • Once-off comprehensive social media pages set-up;
  • Once-off comprehensive Facebook and Google management pages setup;
  • Google and Facebook Ads setup;
  • Custom campaign reporting and analytics.

Graphic design and videography (cost excluded)

We implement the SEO strategy in various stages:

Stage 1 – Learning & Planning Process

  • Perform SEO Technical as well as backlink audit;
  • Audience persona identification;
  • In-depth keyword planning;
  • Competitor analysis of your 3 biggest competitors;
  • Industry trend analysis;
  • Keyword difficulty analysis.

Stage 2 – Adjustment Process

  • Create a Google My Business account;
  • Once off comprehensive social media pages set-up;
  • Commencement of link building strategy – (ongoing);
  • Implementation of the keyword gap analysis report;
  • Create the content on targeted keywords (1 x article per week ongoing);
  • Publish created content on existing or new pages based on keyword research (ongoing);
  • Full on-page SEO;

Stage 3 – Exponential Growth

  • Conversion Optimization with clear “call to actions”;
  • Website architecture enhancement;
  • SEO technical issue clean up and optimization;
  • Site speed optimization;
  • Mobile optimization;
  • Implementation of schema mark-up on all pages;
  • Skyscraper content outreach strategy (ongoing);
  • Promotion of skyscraper articles (ongoing);
  • Topical research for content creation (ongoing);
  • Revise and execute new technical updates (ongoing);
  • Add more keywords based on data from previous months’ analytics (ongoing);
  • Topical research for additional content and keywords targeting (ongoing);
  • Review technical SEO audit and fix new issues of the audit (ongoing);
  • Benchmarking and review of set out KPI’s (daily, ongoing)

SEO is not a sprint, but a marathon.

For excellent results, the minimum contract period is 6 months.

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