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Blue Pea Country Market

We are passionate about small, local businesses and helping people uplift themselves.

The whole idea behind the market, was to create a place where small entrepreneurs can sell their own produce or creations to the local community and thereby building our local economy. We believe that charity starts at home, and therefore we should support our own, Local Farmers, Business People, Chefs and Artists. Which is why our slogan is: “local is lekke!”

We are proudly South African, and we welcome each and every person who has the guts to start his own business, no matter in which industry it may fall. We are here to support and uplift our own community and our passion is to help you achieve yours.

James Oppenheim said: “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance. The wise grows it under his feet.”



Charlene Moutinho


Charlene started the market on the 25th of November 2017. Its first name was the ‘Rietvlei Boeremark | Farmers Market’ and changed to the ‘Blue Pea Country Market’ in November 2018.

The name Blue Pea symbolises the new life and metamorphosis that the Market and Skills Development Project aims to bring to the local community. It comes from the Blue Pea flower that has rejuvenating and healing properties and the beautiful Pea Blue butterfly that inhabits this area of South Africa. 

“I met my husband at the tender age of 15 and we got married almost 6 years later and are now the proud parents of 4 beautiful children. (Three boys and one girl). Our youngest son was born with Lymphangioma which was a massive shock to our family.

And just 3 years after that we lost just about everything after the credit crunch of 2009. Consequently, we learnt what it was like to have nothing and to have to start from the bottom again. Which is why we love helping others in making it easier to start a new, small business and bringing their products to the market where the local community can support and help us grow.

Small business, entrepreneurship and skills development has always been my passion. I also started a few businesses of my own in the past. The first being a corporate embroidery company, coffee shop, guest house and now the country market and skills development centre. I also love growing organic veggies and flowers and now also make my own compost range. I love people and helping them find their passion and life purpose.”

Skills Development Project


Charlene completed her “Foundations for Farming” course in November 2017 and then started the first Skills Development Project, Gogo’s Garden (Grandma’s Garden) at Jacksonsdrift in the beginning of 2018. To find out more see our dedicated page…..

Support Us

If you would like to support our skills development project and help us grow this initiative into the future, please donate here. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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